About Us



Chakraborty SW GmbH is an information technology consultancy, based in Bern and Zurich (Switzerland).  We are a group of highly experienced engineers, consultants, programmers and project managers, from internationally diverse backgrounds.


We specialize in solving difficult, unique IT problems for large enterprises in a wide variety of sectors.

Our projects address complex, high-value information-related issues in ways that large consulting firms cannot.


Chakraborty Software specializes in network security and unix infrastructure solutions, with a focus on identity management and redundant architectures.

Chakraborty employees form a close-knit team; our consultants support each other across projects with their knowledge and ideas.

We maintain a large network of colleagues whom we trust as experts in a wide range of technical fields; if we don’t know how to do something, we will gladly refer you to someone who does.

Latest Blog Posts

Risk Management 101 for Small Business Sysadmins

I recently read a post on a forum frequented by systems administrators titled “I’m scared”. The text of the post contained something like “they all have local admin access.  All of them.” Oops. A few days ago I had a conversation with a colleague about what a small company actually needs in terms of information […]

The Total Cost of Insecure Systems

A colleague pointed out an article from CSO online entitled “The Death of Windows XP“.  Upshot:  slightly less than 30% of the global installed base of operating systems is Windows XP, support/updates for Windows XP are going away except for large firms willing to cough up a lot of money, and you really should migrate, […]

Data Leakage and Those Pesky Employees

An oft-quoted truism is that the majority of security breaches originate with internal employees. I recently attended a presentation that astutely broke down these into three categories: Inadvertent acts — eg. someone mails a confidential document to their private email address to work on it at home Malicious acts — eg. a disgruntled employee willfully […]